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COVID-19 ADVISORY:  Being fully vaccinated is a prerequisite to membership in Nashirah.

Audition Information

1.  Read and be able to comply with the terms of membership.


2.  Schedule an audition using the form below. Auditions are conducted by appointment only.

  • Our artistic staff will email you to confirm your audition.

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

3.  Prepare a short liturgical or secular song, art song, or lieder with the following guidelines:

  • 2-3 minutes in length;

  • preferably in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, German, or English;

  • preferably memorized;

  • demonstrates your ability to sing a phrase, shaping a complete musical thought; and

  • demonstrates your expressive vocal range and flexibility, particularly with regard to dynamics and vibrato.

  • If the piece is accompanied, please bring an original copy for our accompanist​​.


4.  In addition to your prepared piece, our artistic director will evaluate your musical skills for​

  • sight-reading ability​​

  • tonal memory

  • rhythmic accuracy

  • vocal range

Membership & Policies

As a member of Nashirah:  The Jewish Chorale of Greater Philadelphia, I agree to the following:

  1. I will pay annual dues of $150.

  2. I will attend all rehearsals, with all assigned material prepared in advance, and be ready to sing at the regular call time of 6:15 PM on Sunday evenings.

  3. I will submit requests for absence in advance to the artistic director for approval.  I understand that if I am absent more than twice in a half-year preiod the artistic director may make a determination as to whether I may continue with the ensemble, and under what circumstances.

  4. I will be responsible for any music rehearsed during my absences, and will contact another member of my section to obtain rehearsal notess and markings from the missed session.

  5. I will support the mission of Nashirah:  The Jewish Chorale of Greater Philadelphia.

** Please resolve any conflicts with the published rehearsal schedule before committing to Nashirah.

COVID-19 ADVISORY:  Being fully vaccinated is a prerequisite to membership in Nashirah.

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