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Presenting the full range of Jewish choral music and performing at the highest artistic level

 to diverse audiences in the region and beyond.

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We are always looking for singers of all voice parts who are interested in sharing a love of Jewish music with our talented and warmhearted group. If you possess good musicianship and enjoy learning and performing a wide variety of repertoire in varied settings and venues, then by all means come and join us!


Nashirah depends on the support of patrons. Our momentum is sustained through the generosity of friends like you who help Nashirah continue its mission by sponsoring concerts and performance events. Click the secure link below to keep our vital tradition alive for generations to come!

*There are many different ways to get involved. Scroll to the Contact Us section and let us know you're  interested in learning how you can contribute.


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Nashirah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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